Qualtiy control and surveiilance services are providing by qualified staff with solution provider point of view in this specific sector.

In Turkey, lots of contracting companies were founded in the last few years. They succeed lots of national/international projects in this field. In contrast to these important improvements in this field, clients and users has complaints about the work done and quality. The fundamental problem is poor work that were done by some contracting companies.

Quality and productivity are fundamental anticipations of customers.INTEN, by performing quality, environment, and occupational health and safety principles correctly, shows its difference to its customers in the first steps. Either during the planning or during the service, INTEN delivers the required quality service and timing to its customers. 

INTEN is a SOLUTION PARTNER at projects and even turnkey projects such as; cement plants, pipelines, industrial facilities, civil works, mechanical assemblies at civil works, high towers, business and shopping centers, buildings, tourism facility, and infrastructure constructions.